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Roxanne creates gem-studded clusters of silver and gold using the ancient lost-wax casting technique. She is inspired by intricate and complex textures and compositions – found in everything from art, design and craft through the ages to natures colours, patterns and processes.

This is reflected in the heavily detailed pieces that she handcrafts from her South London studio. Building up tiny individual elements as though they have grown, Roxanne creates repetitive, random formations that are organic yet ordered. She incorporates gemstones in such a way that they melt into the metal and are integral to the piece rather than being the centre of attention.

Her award winning, debut collection ‘Lunar’ is inspired by the light and shade of the moon. Pieces are sculpted by hand using a combination of casting and granulation - the silver is then oxidised, polished and flush set with white Sapphires. The result is a subtle yet radiant luminosity reminiscent of moonlight.

Roxanne sells her work privately and through open studios and craft fairs, she continually develops her personal collections whilst making commissions.

Instagram: @roxannegilbertjewellery

Twitter: @Roxyambergilby


Image credits (from left): Little Lunar Hoops - Close Up (Roxanne Gilbert), Little Lunar Hoops (Roxanne Gilbert)

Roxanne Gilbert


T: 07811149793