Flax Exchange @isleofdogs

Flax Exchange @isleofdogs

March 21, 2023

The team at Craft Central is delighted to announce this new project which has been funded by the Arts Council England.

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Flax Exchange is a year-long community project. We will be planting, harvesting, spinning, dyeing, designing, weaving, knitting, and crocheting flax; as well as upcycling and reinventing fabrics to create a new collection of garments which will be displayed in a final event with choreographed movement and live choral soundscape.

Working with residents in Tower Hamlets, we will engage groups in the craft of weaving and textile making through a stry weaving series of workshops and events; sourcing and using local materials to create new products. Using a range of home-grown best fibres and growing their own dye gardens, the groups will spin, dye, weave the fibres and design wearable accessories, clothes, and textile items which will culminate in an exhibition and performance event. 

About Lead Artist Shane Waltener 

Shane is an artist and maker. His practice draws inspiration from craft practices from ceramics to textiles and baskets. The work is rooted in ideas of ecology and reuse. Working in participatory settings he aims for the making of objects, installations, and performances to facilitate skill exchanges and with this, the exchange of the cultural and social histories that relate to a craft.

Shane is an associate lecturer in design at the University of the Arts London, and an associate artist with Entelechy Arts, a member of the Ambient Jam collective, co-founder of Common Agency Projects, and co-author of Practical Basketry techniques (A&C Black). More info at www.shanewaltener.com.

Other artists

Working alongside Shane will be a collective of artists who will be facilitating the workshops and participatory events.

Potential collaboration

There are many ways you can get involved.  To find out more please contact us at info@craftcentral.org.uk.

About our partners

Stavehill Ecological Park

Mudchute park and Farm

St Margaret’s House

Poplar Union


University East London

University Arts London