Craft Central thrilled to be able to support the local community and the healthcare professionals

Monday, April 20, 2020 - 10:13
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To support the efforts against Covid-19 and help the NHS, Craft Central has been given the opportunity to offer a private space to two local professionals who are using several 3D printers in order to produce protective face shields for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who lack personal protective equipment. Using a workspace at Craft Central will help them increase the production by using more 3D printers and 24 hours a day.
They give these protections for free, and try to deliver them themselves using their bicycles. Depending on the amount of donations they receive, their goal is to buy around 10 printers to make 200 face shields every day for 30 days, totaling at least 6,000 to donate.   
In order to do so, they have put their application development business on hold. 
Such an inspirational project!
For more information or if you wish to donate, please go to: