Craft Central is hiring an Evaluation Consultant

Craft Central is hiring an Evaluation Consultant

March 27, 2023

Craft Central is seeking a freelance evaluation consultant to work with us in evaluating a year-long engagement programme, Flax Exchange @Isle of Dogs in Tower Hamlets.

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Timescale: April 2023 - March 2024

Location: Tower Hamlets

Method of working: Remote, but initial meeting attendance is required with meeting points throughout the project.

Deadline to apply: 9am 16 April 2023

Interviews: week of 24th April 2023

PAY: £2500 total fee


Key deliverables

- Work collaboratively with the Craft Central team to establish a creative, but clear monitoring and evaluation framework that can be simply implemented into the project.

- The project begins in April so the ability to start quickly would be helpful.

- Be flexible and willing to meet online or in person with project leaders and participants- offering alternative options for evaluation to meet project needs.

- Support the project team around data collection with key external partner organisations; Spotlight, Poplar Union, St Margarets House, UEL and UAL.

- Ensure that the project monitoring and evaluation methodology is delivered in accordance with the project and funder aims

- Work with any existing methods of evaluation organisations may have in place, ensuring a robust project methodology is created.

- Have previous experience engaging and working with people from ages 11 - 80.

- Write an evaluation report which contributes to the overall project monitoring report.


Project detail and themes: Flax Exchange @isleofdogs (a working title formerly Craft in Common)

Flax Exchange is a year-long community project. We will be planting, harvesting, spinning, dyeing, designing, weaving, knitting, and crocheting flax; as well as upcycling and reinventing fabrics to create a new collection of garments which will be displayed in a finale event with choreographed movement and live choral soundscape.

Working with residents in Tower Hamlets we will engage groups in the craft of weaving and textile making through a series of workshops and events; sourcing and using local materials to create new products. Using a range of home-grown bast fibres and growing their own dye gardens, the groups will spin, dye, weave the fibres, and design wearable accessories, clothes, and textile items which will culminate in an exhibition and performance event. 

We aim to develop strong partnerships, and deep engagement with our local communities as well as challenge the complex issues around fast fashion; raising awareness among young people and changing mindsets.


Please send your cv with covering letter outlining how your experience aligns with the requirements for this role to info@craftcentral.org.uk