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Designer-Maker page on the Craft Central website

As a Craft Central Network Member you have the opoprtunity to have your own Profile on the Craft Central online Designer-Maker Gallery . This section of the website is regularly visited by the general public, committed supporters, professional buyers and the media. It is therefore crucial that the information that you provide is valid and kept up to date.

Please note: Should your membership lapse, your online profile will be removed.


Designer Makers Gallery Profile Page

To add or update your profile page on the Craft Central website you need to complete an entry/update form - download the form and carefully read the instructions below.

Once complete, please email the form and your images to received in the post will not be processed.

Designer Makers Gallery Entry/Update form

If you have any queries about submitting your form, please contact the Craft Central office on 020 7251 0276


What can you have on your page?


How do you get your information onto the website?

You can add your details to the Designer-Maker Gallery at anytime by filling out the Entry/Update form. If at anytime you wish to update your profile, all changes need to be stated via the Designer Makers Gallery Entry/Update form and email it back to us.