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By designing objects that ignore or criticise conventions, one can liberate design and make the product world less generic. Marloes introduces forms, a wide variety of materials and ways of construction in her work, which are mostly used in other design fields, in order to break down preconceptions we have about shoes and other fashion accessories. The shoes she makes escape their archetypical form and function, but they still communicate what they are.

Marloes is building a total vision of foot related objects and concepts, incorporating one-off handmade and manufactured shoes, photographs, objects and other fashion accessories.

Most of her work is made to commission for individual clients, performers, architecture interior design clients, museums and galleries.


Image credits (from left): Bluefoldedshoe (Marloes ten Bhömer), Greymache (Marloes ten Bhömer), Mouldedleathershoe (Marloes ten Bhömer)

Marloes ten Bhömer Studios

Fashion Accessories

Unit 1, 16 Telford Road, London W10 5SH

T: 07786505661
Contact: Marloes ten Bhömer