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‘Stronger’ The first solo exhibition by London-born artist, Dirty Kirti.

‘Stronger’ The first solo exhibition by London-born artist, Dirty Kirti.

June 24, 2022


June 26, 2022

'Stronger' showcases artwork inspired by Kirti's own life experiences and memories and of those whose own stories inspired her work.

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Art has always been something I was interested in, mainly the Cubism era and Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. Originally, as a hobby, I would explore drawing the anatomy with fashion, using fabric, paints and various other mediums. Whilst I enjoyed the creativity, I wasn’t ready to pursue art full-time.

In 2018 whilst on a much needed holiday in Vietnam, I realised I wanted a better work/life balance to allow me to pursue my dream of being an artist. I left my job and worked as a freelancer which allowed me to manage my own schedule and find more time to draw and paint. I have since explored various media as well as screen printing, illustrating by hand and digitally, covering everything from geometric life drawings to abstract painting. A couple of years ago on a trip to Hawaii as I sat on a beach watching the sea, the whales and a large turtle. I suddenly found myself seeing the scene made up of a series of geometric shapes and lines which I began to sketch. This style is prominent in most of my work today.

Many of my pieces are of still life captures, parts of my own life experiences, and of those close to me, those whose stories and life have inspired me. I have come across many people in my life who are strong and confident who not only feel empowered themselves but enable and inspire others to feel the same.

Stronger is about the beauty, the strength, the emotion and stories we have gone through and are still part of. Whether we have them shine bright or keep them hidden, we are and will be, Stronger."

Exhibition dates and times:

June 24th 2022: 5.30pm-9pm

June 25th 2022: 11am-6pm

June 26th 2022: 12noon - 4pm


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