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LOOPHOLES Embroidery Competition Exhibition

LOOPHOLES Embroidery Competition Exhibition

August 12, 2021


August 18, 2021

LOOPHOLES is an independent embroidery art competition & exhibition created by artist Sarangua. This competition aims to celebrate the UK’s emerging embroidery artists & creators in pop culture.

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LOOPHOLES is an exhibition showcasing 10 winning embroidery artists.

The competition theme is RESILIENCE

Whether it’s bouncing back from losses, or finding the strength to change your pathway in life, ‘resilience’ is something many of us are going through right now.

"Show the world your resilience, by expressing your journey and feelings through embroidered colour and texture!"

The competition is created by artist Sarangua.

More details to follow about the exhibition.

To find out more about the competition please go to: www.sarangua.co.uk/embroidery-competition

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