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Introduction to Wax-Carving for jewellery with Ha Nguyen

Introduction to Wax-Carving for jewellery with Ha Nguyen

October 7, 2021


October 7, 2021

Part of London Craft Week

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Booking necessary, £50, 8 spaces ‍

About Wax-Carving/ Wax-Modelling

Lost wax casting has been used since ancient times and continued today to make jewellery and sculptures. It is a process where a piece of wax is either carved or modelled into the desired shape and then cast into metal. The cast metal piece is then cleaned and polished piece of jewellery or object. Gemstones and other decorations could be added. You can achieve intricate details using various tools to shape your work, any mistakes can be easily rectified before casting or it can be re-used. It is ideal for making complex organic, curvilinear forms, sweeping curves, and almost anything that is difficult to construct from metal.


Unlike working directly from metal, wax is a cheap and flexible material that you can cut away or build it up by applying melted wax, allowing you to be as creative as you want without the fear of making expensive mistakes.


Jewellery Workshop outline:

 Ha aims to provide some insight into wax-carving/ modelling for jewellery making which includes a short talk about the process involved in turning wax into a piece of precious jewellery; mould making and lost wax casting. She will deliver a practical demonstration using her own traditional hand carving tools and modern tools.

The objective is to everyone to get everyone enjoying the creative process so the workshop is very hands on. People can choose to make a simple pendant or ring from wax. After this, the wax can be cast into metal or silver at an additional cost.


The workshop will cover :

1. Preparing wax

2. Transfer design onto wax

3. Basic wax carving techniques which includes the use of hand tools and also motorised tools. Clients will learn how to use a saw to cut  and file the wax into shape.    


Booking details:

Workshops are non-refundable. If you can no longer make it on the day you are welcome to find a replacement to take your space. It may be possible to book you for an alternative date depending on the workshop/ availability. Requests to exchange the date must be made no less than 7 days before the event.

If the event is affected by Coronavirus, cannot run due to Government restrictions or facilitator illness, we will contact you to rebook or a refund.

Thursday 7th October, 10pm-12pm

Booking necessary, £50, 6 spaces


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