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Exhibition "Out of Argyll"

Exhibition "Out of Argyll"

November 23, 2022


December 4, 2022

"Out of Argyll" is an exhibition bringing together a range of artists and designer makers from Scotland to London for the first time!

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Free entry

This exhibition is supported by CHARTS who develop and promote arts and heritage across Argyll and Bute, which includes 23 islands.

79% of residents live within 1 km of the coast and many of the artists are influenced by coastal location.  "Out of Argyll" brings Scottish artists to The Forge with commissions and projects that CHARTS has created and supported, with an ambition to develop new relationships for future projects linking north and south.

There will be an official opening event on Thursday 24th November 6pm where you can sample a trio of Gins from Argyll. Please come and join us! RSVP to info@craftcentral.org.uk

Gallery Opening times

Tuesday - Saturday between 9am and 5pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

Credits photos: Karen McPhail


Deb Wing - http://www.debwing.com

Gabor Horvath = http://www.tregortha.co.uk

Pauline Beautyman - http://seadriftpottery.com

Own Way - https://www.ownway.co

Anthea Gage RSW - http://www.antheagage.co.uk

saimh sound - https://saimhsound.cargo.site

Tacit Tacit - https://www.tacit-tacit.co.uk/

Hayshed Gallery - https://www.hayshedgallery.co.uk/ - eve campbell and karen mcphial

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