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Upcoming Events

Saori Weaving Taster Session at Makers Market
29 June - 29 June 2019 | Event
| Free

Saori Weaving Taster Session Summer Market:

During this three hour workshop you will learn about the origins of Saori Weaving, a freestyle approach to floor loom weaving that originated in Japan during the late Sixties. Misao Jo (1913-2018), the inventor of Saori, placed great importance on the aspects of hand weaving that show the “weaver’s hand” in the work. We are not aiming to produce cloth that can easily be reproduced or made by a machine. In Saori weaving, the weaver embarks on a creative journey whilst weaving, blending the colours and being open to experimentation. Creating a unique piece of cloth as an expressive textile art Is the goal.

Each participant will have access to a pre-warped Saori loom and a whole wall of yarns. All materials are included and you take home what you weave. Your cloth will be approx. 40 cm wide and up to 2 metres long, depending on weaving speed and thickness of the yarns.

No prior weaving experience needed.

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Saturday 29th


The Forge