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Upcoming Events

Maker Session Luxury Lights Steam-Bending
09 December - 09 December 2018 | Event
| Free

About The Event

Join us for a very special Sunday when you will make treasure. On offer in this session is the iconic ‘CurlyShade Green’ lampshade, 'Algea Light', ‘Unfired Vase’ and ‘Unfired Bowl’. Arrive find your place with your name card and everything you need ready to go! Get a drink and enjoy bending the wood and getting your parts ready under our expert tutorage and maybe even put your own twist on the design if wanted. Halfway through your maker session we will have a break when you will watch a short film and/or see short demonstration relating to the work you are making. When you leave the work will be perfect and finished with a lovely smelling eco-friendly oil finish. Put it in box and take it home!

Why do a Maker Session?

Luxury goods exist to make us happier, improve our lives, and by investing alittle of your own time in the creation of these exclusive Charlie Whinney Studio artefacts we believe you get the maximum benefits. Be it something for your home or a present for a loved one, when you have seen something born under your own hands and it is perfect, then it instantly becomes an heirloom; treasures which will only improve with age and transcends fashion.

The collection of ‘Maker Sessions’ products draw on 15 years of Charlie’s practice creating over 100 design and fine art projects around the world including large scale permanent installations in cities including Tokyo, Singapore, London and Washington DC. Charlie returns to where he started working on sustainable product design. These products are our first tiny step in the right direction in terms of how our ‘luxury needs’ should be fulfilled in the future, in the context of our changing world and climate.

Between £95-£300

To book please visit Charlie Winney website 


Sunday 9th December
10am- 5pm


Craft Central
United Kingdom