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Upcoming Events

Comics and Still Life
10 April - 11 April 2018 | Promoted Event
| Free

Comics and still life is an art class with great objects to draw and be inspired by, covering the history of comics, learning about still life, and storytelling with comics. Your child will be able to produce a still life painting, a comic, and have some badges to take away as well by the end of the class

Kate teaches very much to the individual child so that each child's way of seeing and understanding the world is worked with, to allow this to be expressed in the work produced. The children's art work is  displayed as the class develops. A professional art gallery aesthetic is added to give the children a high status view of their own work.

Better work is produced if the two full days are attended but single days can be booked and work will be featured (no images of the children) on Kate’s Instagram for parents and family to view.

Children are welcome to bring their own comics, objects and ideas to add to the mix.

The still life will be based on the comic “Adventure Time” using old tech gadgets, phones and a record player and records to draw and use as inspiration for the painting, comics and badges. Good quality paper, art bags to keep the work well presented and clean, good pencils and interesting colours and paints will be encouraged with the use of mixed media to create really strong images, as well as graphic lettering and creating strong bold images by using negative space.

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10th of April 10am - 4pm
11th of April 10am - 4pm


397-411 Westferry Road