Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Beginners Shibori - Stitching and Binding
27 February - 27 February 2018 | Gallery Space Hire
| Free

In this class you will learn basic shibori stitching and binding techniques before dyeing your work in the indigo vat.

Over the 2.5 hour workshop you’ll master the following stitching and binding skills and learn all about indigo:

– The basic kamosage knot used to secure all bound work
– How to make the kumo (spiderweb), bai (seashell), and tesugi (stripes) patterns using binding
– The three basic stitches – running stitch, ori nui (teeth) and maki nui (twist stitch)
– How to create filled shapes (maki-age) using stitching and binding
– Other patterns such as boshi (capping), karamatsu (larch) and mokume (woodgrain) will be presented if time permits
– How to dye your fabrics in a genuine indigo vat

Instructions on how to create and maintain your own indigo vat at home will be provided.
Suitable for complete beginners.

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397-411 Westferry Road