Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Craft Central Presents: Forest + Found & Bezalel Workshops
03 May - 07 May 2017 | Workshops
| Free

BOOKING – Exhibition free, booking necessary for workshops via Designer Maker websites. 

craftcentral.org.uk  / bezalel.org.uk / forest-and-found.com

Craft Central hosts an exhibition and series of workshops with Forest + Found and Bezalel Workshops during London Craft Week 2017, 3-7 May. Guests have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the making experience throughout the week from spoon carving to calligraphy.

Craft Central, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to building a strong future for craft and design. Craftspeople and designer-makers can join a Designers’ Network, show work in exhibitions or in the online gallery, rent workspaces and get practical business help.

Forest + Found is a partnership founded by the artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth. Working with traditional methods of craft they produce sculptural wooden objects and large textiles pieces. Their focus is on the use of hand tools and the direct experience of hand crafting the object. From sourcing wood and dye plants in the forest, to each mark of the hand on an object, their work endeavors to tell a story.

Bezalel Workshops was set up in 2015 by Rebecca Callaghan and Christabel Balfour to enable artists and makers to share their skills and the experience of creating. Their goal is to create a space where people can come together to learn a new craft and enjoy working with their hands, providing a consistently excellent standard of teaching and high quality materials, as well as financially supporting the artists they work with.



Bezalel Workshops at London Craft Week

All tickets to be booked in advance via http://www.bezalel.org.uk/s-h-o-p-1

Friday 5th May 2017

Our calligraphy class is taught by Rebecca Callaghan of Pen & Line, an experienced modern calligrapher. It’s designed to guide you through the basics, giving you a firm grounding in technique before building up to developing your own style. Every person attending the class will receive their own personalised Beginner’s Calligraphy Pack, containing all the tools they need to continue with calligraphy at home.


Ceramics & Technique
Saturday 6th May 2017

Our ceramics class focuses on hand-built pottery, covering techniques which you can use at home without a wheel. You’ll learn how to shape and mould the clay, how to build simple and more complex ceramic vessels and how to decorate them using a range of pottery tools and techniques. At the end of the class you’ll have your own tools and clay to take home with you as well as an information pack to help you keep going with ceramics. The class is taught by Olivia Fiddes, a talented contemporary potter.



Sunday 7th May 2017



Sunday 7th May 2017



Handspinning and Weaving together- £150.00

For London Craft Week we will be introducing a new joint Hand-Spinning and Weaving workshop. Participants can choose one, or to take both classes at a discount. Hand-spinning will be taught by Jessica Mason, an experienced handspinner who is trained in natural dying. The class will be working with beautiful sheep’s fleece sourced from Devon, and will learn how to ply it into wool for knitting or weaving using a drop spindle. The handspinning class will be followed by a beginner’s weaving class taught by Christabel Balfour, an artist and tapestry weaver. You will be able to use your spun fleece to create beautifultapestries and will learn all the basics of handweaving as well as more advanced techniques. Workshop participants will receive their own drop-spindle, wool, loom and weaving pack to take home.



FOREST + FOUND at London Craft Week

All tickets to be booked in advance via https://forest-and-found.squarespace.com/shop/


An exhibition and series of workshops presented by Forest + Found.

Unearthed is an installation of work exploring ideas surrounding the archaeological and the re-discovered. Using wood, textiles and earth, Max and Abigail create a series of experimental objects that transform Craft Central’s Gallery into a space where the past and present meet through the traditions and future of making. Alongside the exhibition, they will be hosting two workshops, one teaching spoon carving and the other Japanese hand-stitch and patchwork. Each workshop will take place in the gallery and will allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the hand crafting of objects.


Exhibition: 3 - 7 May Open 11am-7pm



Spoon Carving - Sat 6 May 12-3pm £50

Japanese Hand-stitch & Patchwork - Sun 7 May 12-3pm £50


LCW: 3 - 7 May Open 11am-7pm


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