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Bermuda born Jeweller, De Anna Kiernan trained as a Goldsmith from the age of seventeen prior to studying Architecture at Central Saint Martins. Her training in architecture further inspired her passion for creating in three-dimensional form, experimenting with scale from a micro level in jewellery to the macro in architecture. Exploring this overlap between the two disciplines lead to her completing the MA Jewellery at The Cass where she was able to draw on her multidisciplinary background and skill set in creating her exquisite jewellery. This broad range of experience and training has benefited her with a breadth of design and craft knowledge significantly influencing her approach to design and use of materials, ranging from industrial finishing processes to working in traditional precious metals and gemstones.

Influenced by the clean lines of modernist architecture and the elegance the female form has to offer, this jewellery embodies a minimalist aesthetic with a focus on subtly framing the body. Challenging the conventional ideals of adornment is key to achieving this minimalist aesthetic; jewellery in this context is not about the addition of beauty, but a display of beauty that is the individual woman. With her signature free form lines and undulating surfaces she creates bold statement pieces by drawing on the natural contours of the body.

This beautifully hand crafted jewellery is created from her London studio, including a broad range of statement pieces from rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings. Please see website to view the full collections and for details on how to order:

Image credits (from left): Black Quill Curve Necklace (David Fawcett), Gold Dewdrop Cocktail Ring (David Fawcett), Gold Geometric Cocktail Ring (David Fawcett)

De Anna Kiernan Jewellery


Unit 12, Craft Central, 33 - 35 St John's Square, London EC1M 4DS

T: +44 (0)7824774261
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