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The "Balanced" collection started by creating rings in silver and gold, which then inspired the whole collection. For this collection I was exploring proportions and heights with a view to creating balance and interconnection between the rings. The rings can become pendants and shapes from the necklace have been made into earrings furthermore pendants from the bracelet can be used on the necklace, creating playful combinations.  Another part of this collection incorporates the use of thread to some of the jewellery; these designs were created in partnership with textile designer Kate Lewis. The idea behind it is about friendship, tying the knots.

The xilitla collection was inspired by a visit to a northern town in Mexico and a magical place ‘casa de James’ built by an English man called Edward James during the1950’s. James created in concrete, petals and leaves of orchids scaled up to monstrous proportions. His surrealistic fountains, terraces, archways, pavilions, staircases and pools hold up a warped mirror to their surroundings. This in a collection that is artistic and strong, continuing with her love for integrating silver with captivating and lively environment inspired Corinne’s textured collection which was modified to a plain style to suit the fashion consumer keeping with her organic style assimilate gold and semi precious stones.

Unity was created over a period of time following the rings collection, a small strong range giving a clear message. The idea came from looking at everything as a continuing process of integration where all is one, people and cultures in a small world.

Corinne’s experiences have culminated in a collection that combines innovative design organic shapes and beautiful colour. Inspired by nature and the African landscape combining with intuitively wax carving she uses silver and gold. Her love for colour and fascination with the healing properties within stones has influenced Corinne to work with both precious and semi precious gems. This unique style has captured the imagination of many people.

Corinne is inspired by her cosmopolitan upbringing. Born in France, growing up in Israel on a kibbutz with her Argentinean father and French mother, surrounded by other countries and cultures, she developed a passion for travelling.  Corinne’s background has created a diverse and innovative base for her work.

Image credits (from left): Balanced collection in silver, gold and red thread (Full Focus), Xilitla in plain collection silver, gold & semi precious stones (Full Focus), Unity collection in silver-matt finish & gold (Full Focus)

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