mezzanine art studio space | london

Mezzanine floor studios: rent creative space up high

Bathed in natural light, what a place to work from!

Lofty, airy and bathed in natural light

Our free-standing, two-storey studio construction is inspirational to say the least. Imagine housing your business or enterprise up high, on our mezzanine floor. You’ll never be short of natural light; whatever the season.

Lofty and airy, each studio benefits from skylights and windows on at least two sides. We’ve also added additional ventilation for extra comfort. There’s nothing to compromise this wonderful creative community.

Fine craftsmen and jewellers will love these special spaces – we know natural light is so crucial to your work.

The partition walls on this floor offer flexibility on sizing. Let us know if you’re looking for something specific – we might be able to help.

And of course, we provide general wash-up areas on this floor to help you with your endeavours.

Please view our plan of mezzanine floor studios and contact us to understand current availability.