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Facilitate a Workshops during London Craft Week for Craft Central

Facilitate a Workshops during London Craft Week for Craft Central

February 1, 2022

Run a workshop for Craft Central over LCW

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Craft Central has been asked to organise a few official workshops for the London Craft Week programme. Craft Central will be listed on the London Craft Week website as well as in their printed guide both of which has tremendous reach London wide and beyond. We are looking for applications from a range of disciplines, workshops of various lengths, levels and costs for our programme. Workshops will need to be vetted by LCW before being accepted for the programme so please take time to fill out the application carefully and in full.

Craft Central will pay the chosen facilitators a flat fee for running the workshop and provide the room, promotion and material cost per person. All workshop tickets will be sold through the CC website and since CC is VAT registered, all tickets are subject to VAT.

If you are interested in facilitating a workshop please fill out the application form to apply and provide as much detail as possible. Details can be refined post-application having being accepted but we would like as complete a description as possible. When writing the description please consider these points:

Aims - an overview of the workshop

Process - techniques used

What is made – description of what they make

What they will learn – knowledge takeaways from the workshop

Materials included - listed

Materials to bring - listed

Duration – how long will the workshop last? If there is a break included please indicate how long that will last for

Participant numbers - how many people can you realistically teach this workshop to while not compromising on the quality of delivery?

For your consideration

Your fee - We are keen for workshops to be both fair to facilitators and as accessible as possible to the general public. Please state your fee for the proposed workshop.

Cost per person for materials – On top of the fee to run the workshop please give a material cost per person.

Craft Central will set the ticket price of your workshop. We will be considering the quality and appeal of the proposed workshop, along with how much you charge for your fee and the material costs pp, which will aid us in deciding whether the workshop is a viable and suitable option for our programme. All workshops will have a minimum participants threshold and that will be set by CC.

Supporting images: Where possible, please provide strong professional, in-focus, images that represent the workshop and show what will be made. These are to go on our website and social media to promote the workshop so it is important they are strong and professional.

Facilitators will need to have a current Craft Central membership to be accepted on to the programme


Please fill out this application form by Monday 21 February. If you have any questions please contact marguerite.metz@craftcentral.org.uk