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The Boat Builders – a new body of work by Emily Jo Gibbs for solo exhibition in the spring

The Boat Builders – a new body of work by Emily Jo Gibbs for solo exhibition in the spring

February 21, 2020

Craft Central is very pleased to announce that Emily Jo Gibbs has made a new series of portraits The Boat Builders, documenting Foreman and their Apprentices working at Berthon Boatyard in Lymington. Highlighting the Value of Making and the importance of skilled labour. A celebration of people who prefer a hands-on approach, whose knowledge and skill is gained through the doing, learnt through making. This project is being supported by Arts Council England.

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Talking to the individuals Emily Jo Gibbs was interested to learn the paths that led them to be Boat Builders, the jobs that they do within the Boatyard and the tools and materials that they use. She enjoys

the juxtaposition of representing traditionally masculine roles in delicate hand stitch, but also enjoys challenging those stereotypes.

‘..there are things Emily is able to articulate through the physically invested work of stitching....that might elude both writers and photographers’. Katie Treggiden 2018

“This is a very interesting idea to me, the magic bit, somehow by taking the time to slowly describe someone in stich you convey your admiration. Celebrating people who make things by the investment of

time in making the work, a quiet, thoughtful act of care and value”. Emily Jo Gibbs

The exhibition will take place at St Barbe Museum and Gallery, Lymington, SO41 9BH - March 27 - April 26 2020

This exhibition will run on as the same time as the 62 Group Exhibition: Conversations: People, Places, Materials, Objects. https://www.stbarbe-museum.org.uk/whats-on/future-exhibitions.php

About Emily Jo Gibbs

Emily Jo Gibbs is a Textile Artist who over the last two decades has established an international reputation for her exquisite work. Her work is in several museum collections including the V&A (Horsechestnut Bag will feature in the V&A upcoming exhibition Bags!).