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Loopholes: Embroidery Art Exhibition - 12 & 18 August 2021

Loopholes: Embroidery Art Exhibition - 12 & 18 August 2021

August 15, 2021

British Mongolian creative Sarangua hosts two group exhibitions at Craft Central empowering raw talent and different community perspectives in embroidery and art.

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Loopholes is a group exhibition of hand and machine embroidery works by artists and designers working in the UK on the theme of ‘resilience’, curated by Sarangua, an embroidery artist of Mongolian heritage. Alongside this, a group exhibition of multimedia artworks by UK and international Mongolian creative talent is on display.

The theme of Loopholes, ‘resilience’ is deeply connected to the challenges artists and designers have faced over the pandemic, and how art, specifically embroidery, can express, aid, empower and inspire ‘resilience’. Each piece featured in the exhibition is an honest, raw and personal response, and consequently there is a wide range of many different techniques, materials and styles.

“Let’s be real, it’s been a tough year. Whether bouncing back from losses, or finding the strength to change your pathway in life, ‘resilience’ is something many of us are going through right now. The exhibition is an exciting opportunity for embroidery creatives to share their stories of resilience through colour and texture,” says Sarangua, curator and embroidery artist.

Through the exhibition, Sarangua seeks to celebrate the UK’s emerging embroidery artists and creators working across pop culture. As an artist and designer with rich first hand experience in the embroidery and art industries, she knows how important it is for embroidery artists to use the platforms available and share skills to support and grow the future talent of embroidery.

As an East Asian British artist, Sarangua prides herself in being a voice for Mongolian creatives based in the UK and Mongolia, with a broader vision to continue to curate exhibitions for the community to an international audience. These exhibitions will celebrate Mongolian culture and heritage, while providing a space for talented Mongolian creatives to showcase their work. 

The supporting exhibition features works of poetry, graphic art illustration, and photography by Mongolia based artists, as well as art by UK and Europe based Mongolian children in collaboration with The Mongolian Community Organisation.