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The brand:
Alludio is a latin word which means playful, play.
It sums up the creative motto for designer-maker Claudia Schmidek - the name behind the brand: having fun while freely exploring shapes, colours and materials. Aiming to make pieces that are at the same time beautiful, unique, elegant, modern and wearable.
All items are designed and made in London - UK. We try to use recycled silver (and any other recycled metals or materials wherever possible). When casting, it is always locally outsourced.

The designer:
Claudia Schmidek is Brazilian born with Austrian/German heritage, and has been living in the UK since 2005.
She has made her own jewellery since childhood and started to sell it at high school, still carrying it out while studying Architecture at University. After graduating and a few more years working in the field, she was also training Jewellery at Morley College, when she jumped at the chance to go full time and launch herself officially as a Jewellery Designer and Maker, working from her own studio in London.

Due to her many cultural influences, she likes to experiment with new materials and shapes, exploring possibilities whilst pursuing an aesthetically pleasant and beautiful result. Her unique style is full of character, and pieces comprise mainly of sterling silver, gold (white, yellow or red), semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, along with any interesting material she happens to find.

She likes to create collections as well as one-off pieces and is very happy to undertake commissions.

Image credits (from left): Bombyx Mori (Claudia Schmidek), Bond Together (Claudia Schmidek), Orbis Terrarum (Claudia Schmidek)



Contact: Claudia Schmidek