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Craft Central provides a number of benefits to Creatives, Makers, Crafters and Artists who join its annual Membership programme. With their supports, we help to educate the public about the time and skills taken to produce handcrafted products, creating an appropriate sense of value to the handmade.

Network Members

Our community of Designer Makers

Our network connects Designer Makers helping them to find out about valuable opportunities, exchange ideas, collaborate and benefit from really practical services and resources. We provide opportunities for showing and selling your work, promoting yourself and your products through the designer maker page on our website and benefiting from relevant professional development. Financial member benefits include subsidised events participation, our group insurance policy and a host of other useful discounts and offers.

Studio Members

Our community of creative members based at the Forge

The Forge is an inspirational space, an enthusiastic community and an easy commute for imaginative thinkers in a landmark, historic building. Our Crafters, Makers and Creatives celebrate and cultivate creativity, talent, innovation and curiosity.